The group that created The Catalyst consists of 18 talented individuals with many differences; from heritage, to religion, to hometown. But, there is one thing we all have in common: passion.

For many, passion can mean different things. But to us, passion is the force that drives us to advocate for our beliefs and to speak our truths to the public. The staff of The Catalyst – a group characterized by their clear differences – are brought together and connected by our ambition. We are the catalysts in our communities, creating change and bringing issues to light.

We advocate for a wide variety of topics; from educating others on climate change and implementing gun reform, to mental health awareness and the establishment of true equality. As a group, we hope to abolish the stigma around journalism and eradicate the mere possibility of fake news.

Our job as young journalists is to inform the public of the issues plaguing the world and inspire progress. In addition to informing the public, our duty is to create connections between seemingly unrelated elements. We connect our journalistic duty to our passion for advocating on social justice issues.

These were the ideals that the late Carole C. Remick held, and the staff of The Catalyst are upholding her beliefs in their daily work as journalists. Our work is fueled by our passions and our beliefs. The connections that we have made with each other and within our communities compel our desire to create a bridge between the public and the truth.

The members of The Catalyst have done our duty and will continue to do so; now it’s your turn. What are you going to do to change the world?

(Illustration Sophia DeJesus)

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