ELM Helps Massachusetts Businesses Go Green

The Environmental League of Massachusetts is reaching out to connect businesses with environmental leaders to create green policy that benefits both the profits of companies and the people of the Commonwealth. 

According to its website, the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) is working to make the state “a leader in environmental and economic sustainability.” Located in the heart of Boston, the league is the oldest environmental advocacy organization in the state, serving on the front lines since 1898. 

Miriam Posner, director of ELM’s Corporate Council, said the organization is connecting businesses that have green intentions, and giving them public exposure. 

“Knowing who cares about what, and connecting them to the right resources,” are key elements of her position, Posner said. The Council works with dozens of businesses around the state, including the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. 

Nancy Cicco, a spokeswoman for UMass Lowell, described how the university is working with ELM. 

We will continue to work with the ELM…to develop cutting-edge approaches to advancing sustainability and other environmentally sound practices,” said Cicco. 

But the ELM doesn’t stop at the corporate sector; it goes all the way to Beacon Hill. Lawmakers such as state Sen. Marc Pacheco, D-Taunton,  are listening to businesses who are concerned about the environment. 

According to the senator’s website, Pacheco wants to“increase awareness around climate change and to encourage action to prevent its worst effects.” He is the author of a bill that focuses on sustainable energy and offshore wind resources.

“Massachusetts could be the Saudi Arabia of wind,” said Posner. There are several dozen bills being introduced on Beacon Hill that focus on a variety of sustainable issues.

In addition, she offered tips on how Massachusetts teens can take climate change into their own hands. 

“Take responsibility for your own impact…not taking that plastic straw and thinking about how you commute from place to place,” she said.

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