First Black Female President of Harvard Crimson Settles In

Kristine Guillaume has been at the helm of the Harvard Crimson newspaper for only six months, but already is acting to improve the organization in significant ways.

As the first black female president of the Crimson, Guillame has noticed how the journalism industry lacks diversity. She hopes to recruit more diverse voices to the newspaper. When she first started at the Crimson as a writer, she noticed there was a majority of white and Asian reporters. She said a wide variety of different ethnicities will create more inclusivity in the Crimson community.

Guillaume also implemented an implicit bias training. The goal of this training would bring a respectful and inclusive culture to the office environment and in reporting. Including this training for the staff would clear up some issues that occur in journalism in today’s age such as diversity.

She also seeks to upgrade the newspaper’s website. Since the majority of news is now viewed digitally, she will have a series of improvements to the website. This will allow viewers to have a better time scanning the Crimson newspaper on a digital device.

In the beginning of Guillaume’s journey of being president of the Crimson, a lot of responsibilities were bestowed on her and she always had to be aware.

“It’s like a baptism by fire,” said Guillume.

One time, she had to help repair the front building of the Crimson office when someone ran into it with a vehicle.

Now, Guillume said she has become content in her role.  While everything is still a learning process for her, she is more aware of how her reactions to things may affect the Crimson. She said that she learned how to be calm and collected when there are situations of panic. Also, problem solving skills have been more useful in her job now.

Kristine’s favorite part of being president of the Crimson newspaper is being able to interact with the 320 staff members of the organization. While she was a part of the newspaper as a reporter, she was surrounded by her fellow news reporters. Now, she is able to sit in on different meetings about different aspects of the whole organization, which gives her the opportunity to connect with the staff.

After college, Guillume will get a doctorate in African American literature and possibly journalism.

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