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Juneteenth Celebrated in New Hampshire

The first Juneteenth celebration in Manchester, N.H. was held as Mayor Joyce Craig officially declared the day a citywide holiday, following the city’s recent Black Lives Matter events.

First Amendment Spotlight

With public health concerns increasing over the COVID-19 pandemic and racial tensions escalating after the killing of George Floyd, the First Amendment has been brought into the spotlight.

Prime Time for the Rise of the Green New Deal?

Many Massachusetts environmental organizations have issued statements of solidarity with the BLM movement, and environmental activists are determined that their efforts at racial and social awareness, justice, and inclusivity range beyond the short term.

Back in Session?
Colleges Plan for Fall 2020

Throughout the country, colleges are finalizing their decisions on how to approach the upcoming fall semester. While students await what’s in store, administrators are working diligently to ensure both the safety of their community and the educational pursuits of their students.

Gender Roles in Zoom Meetings

The New York Times recently published an article citing the difficulties women have been facing in Zoom meetings- a meeting that’s supposed to be an equalizer for all members. But does this occur in the classroom?

As Media Shrink, Citizens Step Up

You may not know the name Darnella Frazier but you will never forget her video. Frazier, a 17-year-old student from Minneapolis, can be credited with recording what may become the single biggest news event this year which ignited a national dialogue about race relations in the United States

Black Americans Suffering from Two Pandemics

The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and the disproportionately high death rates among Black Americans from COVID-19 have left many in the Black community grieving, angry and asking hard questions.

Getting Out the Vote: Group Focuses on First-time Voters

MediaWise has been focused on equipping the younger generation with the tools and resources necessary to make informed political decisions, not just when it comes time to vote but before, sharing, retweeting, and otherwise supporting trending news stories across various social media platforms.

Changing World, Changing Journalism

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