Moving Forward in 25 Words or Less

The staff of The Vanguard were asked to respond to the following questions in 25 words or less: How do we move forward with racial equality? How do we solve racial injustice? Here are their responses.

“We need democratic socialism; a system that decides no one has to live paycheck to paycheck and that all jobs in our society are valuable.”
Anna Wilcox

“Reading. Your perspective changes when you read; you’re put in someone else’s shoes. Read outside of your comfort zone- read something that makes you uncomfortable”.
Nola Minogue

“We need to listen to each other and stop fearing the idea of a new and better world. Being complacent is no longer an option.”
Jasmine Wong 

“To move forward is to remove and remember; remove the Confederate leaders’ statues remember the atrocities they committed.” 
Rachel Fredman

“Immerse yourself in media that forces you to have uncomfortable conversations, that’s how progress is made. Change is inherently uncomfortable, that’s the beauty of revolution.” 
Sofia Mendes 

Term limits. It’s long been said that those in power want to keep their power. Let’s make sure no one keeps power for too long. 
Adway Wadekar

As non-BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color), it is our responsibility to be continual learners of racial justice and un-learners of racist ideology.
Annalise Peterson

Change begins when ignorance stops. Educate yourself, educate others, and most importantly realize our country is unjust.
Holly Souter

To move forward is to remove and remember; remove the confederate leader’s statues and remember the atrocities they committed. 
Rachel Fredman

Include BIPOC history and media in our education system. We would learn about racism through the perspective of BIPOC, rather than the usual white-washed versions.
Sara Zakaria

Solving racial inequality starts by educating yourself about racism so you notice all its forms and then speaking up for people who have been silenced.
Kyra Ceryanek

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