Author: Annalise Peterson

Annalise Peterson, 17, is a novice videographer who speaks both Chinese and English, and has already made her mark at Amherst Regional High School. Entering into her senior year, she’ll be once again running cross country in the fall and playing ultimate frisbee in the spring. She heard of the NEHSJC program over the morning announcements, enticed because of her love of journalism, and means of possibly pursuing it in the future. BY NOLA MINOGUE

Black Trans Pride in Boston

Local singer and rapper Mick Beth has taken a position of leadership within the Black trans community in Boston through their activism.

Back in Session?
Colleges Plan for Fall 2020

Throughout the country, colleges are finalizing their decisions on how to approach the upcoming fall semester. While students await what’s in store, administrators are working diligently to ensure both the safety of their community and the educational pursuits of their students.