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What do the NFL, the League of Nations, and a local weeknight bowling league have in common? The people in each group work together to achieve a shared goal.

Merriam-Webster defines a league asan association of persons or groups united by common interests or goals.” Our newspaper, The League, could not fit that definition more perfectly. Much like a league, we come from a wide array of backgrounds. We are a group that is comprised of 16 students from 15 different high schools in four different states, as well as three different countries. Three of us are going into junior year in high school, nine are incoming seniors, and five will be headed to colleges around the country in the fall.

We each began this program with one goal in mind: to get that newsroom experience that simply cannot be found in a classroom, a lecture, or a textbook. Over the last week we’ve made our way across the city of Boston and beyond, while finding new places, meeting new people, and learning new things.

Inclusion. That’s the theme of the newspaper this year. Inclusion has become an integral part of the world we live in. We’re sure the founder of the New England High School Journalism Collaborative, the late Carole C. Remick, would be proud that inclusion was chosen for the 30th edition of the paper. After all, inclusion is what the collaborative is all about. Mrs. Remick had a vision that high schoolers from all backgrounds could work on a newspaper with professionals and ultimately have successful journalism careers. That vision became a reality 30 years ago, and in 2017, it lives on in The League.

— Paul Lambert

The League Staff

Thomas Coughlin
Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School

Stephanie Da Costa Pereira
Josiah Quincy Upper School

Emmanuel Desir
Boston Latin Academy
Jodee Frias
Avon Middle-High School

Kiran Jagtiani
Stamford High School

Rohan Kumar
Nashua High School

Paul Lambert
Grafton High School

Daniel Lopes
Coventry High School

Rachel Marble
Oakmont Regional High School

Ezekiel Moriarty
Fenway High School

Bianca Palmarini
Josiah Quincy Upper School

Nina Taylor-Dunn
Boston Arts Academy

Morgan Therrien
Wahconah Regional High School

Julian Viviescas
Lowell High School

Ivy Wang
The Bromfield School

Alicia Zou
Boston Latin School

Program Board and Staff

Leah Lamson
NEHSJC Managing Director

Milton Valencia
NEHSJC President

Christine Vo
NEHSJC Print Design

Michelle Johnson
NEHSJC Web Producer

Colleen Malachowski
Carole Remick Endowed Chair of Journalism Regis College

Corey Allen
NEHSJC Board Member

Ann Moritz
NEHSJC Board Member

Paula Bouknight
NEHSJC Board Member

Mike Carraggi, Regional Manager

Resident Advisors:

Baylee Wright
Syracuse University

Tia DiSalvo
Hofstra University

Tyler Maheu
Lasell College

 Guest Speakers:

Craig Walker
The Boston Globe

Helen Smith
Executive Director
New England Scholastic Press Association

Jason Johnson
Director, Communications & PR

Teresa Hanafin
Newsletters Editor
The Boston Globe

Nicole Dungca
Spotlight Reporter
The Boston Globe

Kelley Tuthill
Communications Director
Regis College

Michelle Johnson
Professor, Journalism
Boston University


The Carole Remick Foundation

The Boston Globe

Regis College

Simmons College

New England Newspaper and Press Association

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