With the growing polarization, not only in the United States, but also in the world, it has become more and more difficult to work together. Recognizing that the key towards advancement is harmony, Boston, a leading city in the United States, is emphasizing the importance of coming together.

Boston has donned its shining armor and prepared the city to fight back from adversity. Devoting its attention on the city’s weaknesses, Boston is providing support by embracing the diversity in the police force and workforce and giving immigrants a home away from home. In the near future, people will see Boston as a sanctuary city that can recover from emergencies with resilience. It’s a city that focuses on the next generation with programs in the Boston Public Schools system and at the college level. Whether it’s education, race, or immigration, Boston takes on any issue by uniting the city based on our similarities rather than separating based on differences.

In these times where journalism has been under heavy criticism, we realize the importance of telling the truth—the impartial, unsullied truth. Tackling that tremendous challenge with guidance from our seasoned mentors, we have taken tireless efforts to ensure the accuracy of our facts. We have made sure to balance each opinion with the other so that our readers can see the light in reporting as we see it. The League presents all these potentially controversial happenings in a way so that you, our reader, may form your own opinion from the facts.

Promoting not tolerance, but all-out inclusion, The League’s end aspiration is to help our readers understand, even if it’s just a little more, the other communities that they may not be a part of and see how our city of Boston is working to integrate all its neighborhoods to move forward.
Idea: After covering the stories we have, we can see the hope for the united future.
— Ivy Wang and Alicia Zou

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