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About Us

Adults constantly give us the same advice: “Enjoy your childhood, it only lasts so long!” They ask why we want to grow up so fast, or why we never take time to enjoy ourselves.

For many of us, our childhoods ended Dec. 14, 2012, when a shooter walked into Sandy Hook Elementary and killed 20 children.
They call us the generation of school shootings.

Adults said they would do everything they could to protect us. At first we believed them, but after 180 shootings on school campuses, including the tragedy in Parkland, Fl., we knew we could no longer rely on them.

We didn’t choose to grow up, we were forced to. Thanks to mainstream student activists such as Emma Gonzalez, Jaclyn Corin and David Hogg, we have become a part of the Never Again Movement that is lead by the students.

No student should be afraid to go to school or have to continually look over their shoulder in order to feel safe.

As a paper consisting of men and women (mostly women), we strongly believe in gender equality. When people identify us solely by our bodies, we fight back by outsmarting them with our minds.

When we hear ignorant comments such as, “You already have equal rights,” we answer with undeniable evidence such as a 20 percent gender pay gap, and explain how the #MeToo movement is proof that we do not have the same respect we are owed.

Our newspaper staff consists of 16 students interested in journalism, which upholds and defends the Constitutional freedoms of expression and press. Our purpose is to notify the people of what goes on in our society and combat “Fake News” with the truth.

Our paper touches upon poverty, immigration, climate change and so much more. We want to show you that age is just a number and that our voices matter.

We are The Boston Renaissance. We want to reach all audiences, we are eager to create change and are ready for any challenges that come our way. We anticipate the rebirth of Boston, the nation, and ultimately, the world.