/Welcoming Public Market

Welcoming Public Market

In the midst of the busy city of Boston lies Boston Public Market, a charming escape filled with fresh food, handmade wooden bowls, succulents, and thousands of other precious discoveries. But what makes Boston Public Market so loved is the positive and welcoming environment.

Everything in Boston Public Market is either produced or originates in New England, and it calls itself a community-building space.
“I love a place that isn’t a food court, everything’s fresh,” said a local. “I also love coming for the people, the environment.”
“Everybody here is local, and it’s diverse,” said Sara Zarcone, who works at Peterman’s Boards and Bowls, a place selling wooden bowls all handmade in Gill. Their bowls are made from wood from fallen trees, an environmentally-friendly practice.

Ariel Gustowski from Stow Greenhouses said she enjoys how Boston Public Market is very personal. She said the customers will describe what plants they like and reveal a lot about themselves, a personal relation that isn’t always found in other markets.

Boston Public Market is supportive of small, local businesses. Daynna Ramos from FoodCares Boston said their store supports a number of small farmers in Boston, including Hannah Farm and Urban Farming Institute.

“We support small businesses, help them become independent,” said Ramos.